Pretty much.

Aw, I finished Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright
I probably could have done better though. I missed a lot of hidden puzzles, didn’t find all the hint coins, used way too many hint coins, took a lot of penalties in court, and screwed up quite a few puzzles. I think I wound up with only like 3970 picarats.


the Graceful hero Hamel 


I got the Violinist of Hameln movie dvd today and thats what ive been doing 

i’ll talk about the bonuses/extras later 


Valus (Shadow of the Colossus).
Collaboration with Coey, 2-ish years in the making. The final, and two detail shots of the raw drawing (jesso-ed paper, pencil, white pen).

Normally I don’t advertise prints on the posts for final pieces, but since we’re in such a pinch, here’s a link where anyone interested can buy a print of this!


why is frozen still relevant i’m so tired of hearing about it lets talk about wreck it ralph instead which was better in every way 


do you ever listen to a song and remember exactly what life was like when you first heard it

Bluh. I thought I was getting better cause my throat doesn’t hurt anymore, but now I’m coughing and congested and my eyes are watery… Plus my body is sore all over.


If you thought this was funny in GIF form, just listen to it dubbed.

Yey. I got Professor Layton VS. Phoenix Wright.
I was going to get Apollo Justice Ace Attorney too, but I couldn’t remember if we had it already (pretty sure now that we don’t) and my mom said not to spend too much money and she probably would have freaked out if I spent $50 on two games.